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In 2007, armed with family recipes, I ventured into the world of desserts, marking the beginning of a journey that has evolved into a thriving business and igniting a passion for crafting exceptional desserts that has only grown stronger.

What started as a modest foray into the market has blossomed into a flourishing venture that distributes delectable desserts in and around London. Beyond our local reach, we can offer nationwide delivery on volumes, catering to diverse tastes and occasions.

Our journey has been one of continuous innovation. From the initial success of our vanilla cheesecake, we've expanded our repertoire to encompass a diverse range of flavors and creations. The heart of our success lies not just in the quality of our desserts but in our adaptability to meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether serving smaller establishments or partnering with restaurant chains, our dedication remains unwavering.

Having weathered the challenges of the industry over the years, we stand as seasoned connoisseurs. Our experience extends beyond merely supplying desserts; it's about curating delightful experiences for our clients. From portion-controlled options to the convenience of frozen freshness, we've stayed true to our commitment to quality.

Notably, our desserts are crafted in BRC-accredited facilities, ensuring rigorous quality control and unwavering consistency. Since those early days of testing desserts, our growth has been considerable. We've cultivated an extended family of clients who trust us to deliver exceptional desserts. Our journey is not just about desserts; it's a narrative rooted in core family values and an unwavering dedication to creating memorable experiences for every customer.

Here's to more years of crafting sweetness and wishing you a delightful tasting experience!

David Frank


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